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High5 Zero-Citrus

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Item Description

ZERO is the new electrolyte sport drink tablet from High5. It is designed for use before, during and after exercise. One tablet dropped into 500ml of water produces a delicious, refreshing, zero-sugar, low-carb, anti-cramp electrolyte drink with added magnesium. Each tube contains 20 tablets and makes 10 litres of electrolyte drink.

Whatever your sport, whatever the terrain, you can throw a tube of ZERO in your bag and stay hydrated all day long. On long rides or endurance events simply drop the tube in your jersey or pack and turn every water stop into a source of optimal hydration. The effervescent tablets dissolve immediately to give you a light, refreshing non-fizzy drink packed with electrolytes

Nutritional Information: Ingredients: Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Artificial Sweeteners (Sorbitol, Saccharine, Acesulfame K), Glucose, Tri Sodium Citrate, Potassium Citrate, Malic Acid, Magnesium Carbonate, Flavoring, Calcium Carbonate Colouring (Riboflavin). Nutritional Information Per Tablet [500ml drink]: Energy 8.12Kcal, Protein [Trace], Carbohydrate 2g, Fat [Trace], Fiber [Trace], Sodium 260mg, Magnesium 60mg, Potassium 75mg, Calcium 9mg, Vitamin C 135mg

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